We are on the road again in 2022

After spending seven months in the Pilbara lecturing in Conservation and Horticulture, I am taking Ethical Being on another road trip around Australia.  We made our way from Karratha to the southwest of Western Australia including a few weeks in the beautiful town of Manjimup.  From there we have travelled the Nullarbor through South Australia and Victoria. At the moment the Ethical Being team are situated in Port Stephens, NSW where we are catching up with family.

It has been exciting to see signs of improvement in the landscape since the horrific fires of 2019 - 2020.  Although we were chased across the country by flood events, the country seemed to be making the most of the wet conditions. Native grasses and shrubs were bouncing back.  With water and vegetation growing in the bush, kangaroos and other native animals were not coming to the roadside to feed.  This meant far fewer animal deaths from cars and trucks.

There is still a huge amount of work to be done when it comes to the environment. Australia continues damage the land and waterways with unsustainable farming practices. We are producing far too much grain for use in animal agriculture. We are also destroying country through the running of cattle, sheep and goats. Their hard hooves compact the fragile soil and they pollute precious waterways.  

As we travel around the nation, we will keep you up to date with what we see and experience.  We would love to hear what you have to say. Whether you are curious about reducing your intake of animal products to protect the environment, for personal health reasons or to protect our non human animal friends, simply send us an email at joseph.mann@ethicalbeing.com.au or follow share your story via joe_at_ethical_being on Instagram. 

Spotlight on ethical allies

At Ethical Being, we love meeting new people who share our values. When we come across an individual, group or business that is rocking compassion, we just have to let you all know about it. So keep watching this space as we add to our gallery of "big hearts".

Momo's tasty summer salad - nutrition highlights

  • Tomatoes - Vitamin A and C
  • Millet - Iron and protein
  • Rocket - Calcium
  • Almonds - Magnesium
  • Eggplant - Fibre and Vitamin B1
  • Spinach - Folate and Iron
  • Sprouted lentils - Iron, Zinc and Protein
Introducing - Momo (NSW)

Recently, the Ethical Being team had the pleasure of eating brunch at Momo in Newcastle, NSW. The space is inviting, the staff are super friendly and the food is delicious. There are not many places we have visited that serve up imaginative dishes that are also nutritious. Well done Momo. We will be back. Check them out at momowholefood.com.au

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