Healthy living through informed choices

Ethical Being provides practical education, support and mentoring programs that will inspire you to live a fulfilling, plant-based life where ethical choices drive positive change every day.

The benefits to you
• A new feeling of vitality and well-being
• Sustainable weight loss and management
• Reducing your risk of preventable diseases
• The power to to separate food fact from fiction
• A fresh understanding of nutrition
• Becoming a role model for friends and family
• The happiness that comes from protecting the vulnerable
• Reducing your waste and environmental impact

What you can expect from us 
• Sincere support to help you manage your transition to a plant-based diet
• Regular updates on nutrition information and research
• Shopping advice (menus, shopping plans)
• Practical vegan recipes and cooking tips
• Access to our fact sheets and newsletters
• Group workshops and transition programs
• Four week kick-start programs (groups or individuals)
• Individual mentoring

How does it work?
• Single sessions, one on one
• Kick-start programs for individuals and groups
• Workshops
• Ongoing support – your success makes us happy!
• Access to fact sheets, videos, podcasts, blogs and more..
• Invitations to Ethical Being events

Contact us now to find out how we can help you. 

At Ethical Being our prime focus is to share the wonderful world of healthy vegan living.  We are dedicated to keep fees to a minimum, often offering participants the opportunity to donate a small amount to help cover costs.

It’s never too late for feeling great!

Our programs

Practical plant-based living

Let us support your transition to a wonderful plant-powered lifestyle with our four week kick-start program. Learn how informed food choices improve health, the environment and the welfare of others.

As a participant, you will enjoy entertaining presentations, powerful insights into nutrition, simple strategies for a healthier life, and much more.

We deliver dynamic group sessions as well as individual mentoring programs .

We'd love to hear from you.  Simply enter your details and/or enquiry below to receive free fact sheets, updates and newsletters.

Food. What's the real cost?

We grow it, buy it, eat it and waste it.  Behind every meal is a story.  In this workshop we discuss how our informed food choices can improve our health, the environment and the economy.  We explode some common food myths and reveal the real benefits of a whole foods, vegan diet.

Out and about (speaking)

Come along and enjoy one of Ethical Being’s community events with your host Joseph Mann.  Find out how easy it is to improve your personal well-being, create a healthy environment around you and become an advocate for sustainable living, one decision at a time.

Joseph brings together his passions for nutrition, the environment and animal welfare in a common-sense presentation that will entertain and educate. 

Build a better world, one decision at a time.

The Pilbara needs to embrace vegan options

I have spent the last five months enjoying a working holiday in Karratha.  The weather has been beautiful, the people have been welcoming and I have learned much about the Pilbara and those that call this amazing part of the world home.

There is one thing distinctly lacking up here. Vegan food options.  The Ethical Being team has eaten out at various restaurants, cafes and bars. Whilst we have managed to piece together a meal most times, the lack of enticing vegan options has been surprising. 

We see this as an opportunity to introduce delicious plant-based meals to the menus around town.  We will be popping in to discuss the benefits of adding variety to their offerings.

If you live in Karratha and want more vegan options, chat with your local restaurant manager or sendme an email at


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