Plant-based Pilbara 2023

It's wonderful to be based in the Pilbara again. Although the region is probably best known for its enourmous mining industry, there is much more to it. There is a rich cultural history that dates back tens of thousands of years and it continues to this day. The country speaks to anyone who is prepared to listen. Beauty thrives in this harsh environment and never ceases to amaze. Red earth is the living canvas that showcases a remarkable array of plants and animals. The Pilbara reveals itself slowly, inviting you to discover, to connect.

Dotted throughout the Pilbara are vibrant towns with diverse communities where locals enjoy socialising at cafes, restaurants and bars. The Ethical Being team have set themselves the challenge of visiting as many of these establishments as possible in 2023 to meet the staff and find out what is on the menu. So far we have enjoyed a number of meals throughout Karratha, Dampier and Port Hedland. Happily, we have managed to find vegan options on most occasions. There is, however a huge opportunity for more delicious plant-based meals to find there way onto plates right across the Pilbara.

Plant-based meals are becoming more and more popular, and not just with vegans. Research has shown that more and more Australians want to reduce their intake of meat and other animal products.

Regular dining customers often look for plant-based alternatives because they are looking for healthier options, have religious considerations, want to do their bit for the environment, or simply want to try something different for a change. Whatever the reason, the demand for vegan options on menus across Australia is rapidly rising.

Did you know that the majority of people currently ordering plant-based meals in restaurants are non-vegans? That's right, they are regular customers!

If you are a forward-thinking hospitality business in the Pilbara and want to get more delicious plant-based meals on plates, we want to hear from you! Simply contact for more information on how we can help.

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