From the founder

Thanks for visiting Ethical Being.

Inspiration for this enterprise came to me after decades of life experiences and lessons learned.  These lessons, along with my ongoing passion for nutrition, health, conservation and mentoring have come together as Ethical Being, an organisation that promotes healthy and sustainable living. 

Simply put, my aim is to begin with the individual and work outward from there. The following three questions under-pin my philosophy:

  1. For me.  Are my choices keeping me happy and healthy?
  2. For us.  Do my decisions have a positive influence on those I care about?
  3. For all. If everybody did the same as me would the world be a better place? 

I try to answer yes to each of these questions whenever I make a decision, be it small or significant.

Although we at Ethical Being focus primarily on nutrition, animal welfare and environmental sustainability, these three questions can be easily applied to all facets of life.

Cutting through the fads and fiction, we get back to the basics of informed lifestyle choices.  Children, adults, schools, community groups and workplaces could all benefit from our programs.

Our programs are designed to;

  • Support your transition to a wonderful whole food, vegan diet
  • Put in place strategies for long-term positive health outcomes.
  • Help you make nutritious food choices that don't cost the earth. 
  • Explore the amazing link between the environment and our health.
  • Help identify ethical practices and incorporate them into your everyday life.
  • Assist you in reducing waste.
  • Help you gain a new passion for living

If you have been wanting to change your life and health for the better, you are only an email or call away.  I'd love to catch up for with you.

As with all of our coaching and mentoring programs, payment is optional. You come first!

Should you have any questions or require further information, feel free to contact me.


As a long-standing advocate for ethical food choices, Joseph shares his research and experiences as he illustrates the many benefits of a plant-based vegan diet.

Joseph is a graduate of the Plant-based Nutrition certificate program at the T. Colin Campbell Centre for Nutritional Studies and eCornell.

Joseph is also a qualified lecturer in horticulture as well as Conservation and Land Management receiving his training at Kings Park & Botanic Garden in Western Australia. He advocates for the protection of our precious animal friends and the environment they share with us. 


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