Eat to live - and let live!

Food - What’s the real cost?

We grow it, buy it, eat it and waste it.  Behind every meal is a story.  In this workshop we discuss how our informed food choices can improve our health, the environment and the economy.  We explode some common food myths and reveal the real benefits of a whole foods, vegan diet.

Benefits to you:

  • The insight to see through food marketing tricks.
  • Saving money at the checkout.
  • Knowledge to choose healthful and sustainable food options.
  • Becoming a role model for family and friends.
  • Being an environmental champion.
  • The tools to become healthier and happier through examined choices.

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At Ethical Being our prime focus is to share the wonderful world of healthy vegan living.  We are dedicated to keeping fees to a minimum, often offering participants the opportunity to donate a small amount to help cover costs.

It’s never too late for feeling great!

Topics covered include:

  • Investing in our present and future health through informed food choices.
  • How to get the best value for money at the check-out without compromising on nutrition.
  • The false economy of processed food.
  • Growing your own, buying local, understanding labels.
  • Food choices and animal welfare.
  • Identifying and preventing areas of waste.
  • The environmental impact of food choices.

We will tailor our programs to suit your needs.

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